• The Best Way To Pay

    ALTPAY is a secure mobile payment application. ALTPAY connects merchants and customers with messaging and credit to build stronger relationships.

Payment Processing that Works

Financial Savings

ALTPAY charges 1% flat fee with no interchange, gateway or monthly fees.

Track Habits and Engage the Customer

ALTPAY is a built in loyalty and gift card program.

Secure and Easy

ALTPAY transactions do not transmit personal information


ALTPAY integrates into an existing store app or works as a standalone product.

Simplified Payment Processing

Learn Customers' Habits with Actionable Data Collection

Client Analytics

Discover client habits such as purchasing patterns, favorite products, typical shopping dates, and propensity to use coupons.

Laser Target the Consumer

Push specials, coupons, and notifications to clients based on their previous purchasing patterns.

Promote Favored Products

Looking to promote inhouse brands? Push favored products based on clients’ previous purchases.

Welcome Announcement

Grab your clients attention when they walk through the door. Push coupons and notifications when your clients walk through the door.

A Loyalty System that Customers Want

Relevant Coupons and Promotions

Save your customers money by sending relevant coupons and promotions based on previous shopping habits.

Auto Apply Coupons at Checkout

Save your customers time by auto applying any relevant coupons at checkout. Customers can stop browsing for coupons!

Flexible Payment Options

Customers can easily and conveniently pre-charge their account using their bank account, or cash.

Flexible Integration

Integrate into Existing Infrastructure

Integrates seamlessly inside mobile store applications and POS infrastructure. ALTPAY also works with existing loyalty programs.

Standalone Product

Don't have an existing application? Use as a standalone payment processing application through our cloud hosted platform. Accept payments quickly and easily.

Extensible API

Need a special custom application? ALTPAY was built from the ground up with a flexible API accessible to developers.

Promote Your Brand

Use your colors and logo to provide a customized look in line with your brand.